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A supporting point or surface.


1. the female genital tract.
2. a piece of harness.

lose the bearing
uterine prolapse.
bearing retainer
device for retaining a replaced uterine or vaginal prolapse.
bearing trouble
see vaginal prolapse.
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In this experiment, 12 bearings were prepared of maple wood and treated with olive oil.
Four bearings are in each group and the two air bearings are connected together by a hinge structure.
Failures of bearings in machinery can cause large losses.
JSB Great Bearings offers the most professional, high-quality bearings for various applications and different bearing types such as Miniature Bearings, R Series Bearings, 16 Series Bearings, 52 Series Bearings, 53 Series Bearings, 60 Series Bearings, 62 Series Bearings, 63 Series Bearings, 67 Series Bearings, 68 Series Bearings, 69 Series Bearings, 16000 Series Bearings, and 62200 Series Bearings.
However, regardless of size or scale, all conveyors require bearings that are properly selected for the load and environment.
Modern bearings are highly engineered components that are the end result of extensive research into materials and bearing geometries, but their ultimate performance depends very much on how they are supported in duty--in other words, how they are housed.
Wuxi Hongfei was founded in 1993 and has gained vast experience in the production of high speed textile bearings and open-end fittings.
Custom bearings can be sized to an application's specific needs, which improves the assembly process and boosts product quality.
The producer was experiencing failures every six weeks with approximately 36 bearings being replaced every year, which was causing considerable downtime and lost production.
com)-- According to a recently released TechSci Research report, “China Automotive Bearings Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020,'' the automotive bearing market in China is forecast to grow at a CAGR of over 16% during 2015-20.
Bearings normally run hotter at startup or right after re-lubrication because excess grease increases drag and friction.