Bean, William Bennett

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William Bennett, U.S. physician born in Philippines, 1909-1989.
Bean syndrome - multiple cutaneous venous malformations that present as soft, compressible, blue nodules, which may be painful. Synonym(s): blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome
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The Bean syndrome (Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome--BRBNS) is a rare disorder, associating cutaneous and visceral involvement, most frequently gastrointestinal.
Blue-rubber bleb nevus syndrome, or "bean syndrome," consists of multifocal venous malformations in the skin and GI tract.
Symptoms of hypocotyl enlargement and stem breakage indicating pendimethalin damage will be termed brittle bean syndrome.
Genotypes grown without herbicide (control) produced very flexible stems with no brittle bean syndrome symptoms.
Brittle bean syndrome symptoms also were present in the field.