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(bēd′l), George Wells 1903-1989.
American biologist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for discovering how genes transmit hereditary characteristics.
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MISSED Jeremy Beadle died from pneumonia yesterday, aged 59
Beadle was a major fundraiser for Children with Leukaemia throughout his life and is estimated to have helped to raise more than pounds 100 million for charities of all description.
One was told: "I think you should be taken for more walks," before Beadle tiptoed up at his side with his microphone.
But Phil Beadle, the controversial star of Channel 4's The Unteachables and a former Secondary Teacher of the Year, said failure to pass the exam harmed children's self-esteem.
Mr Beadle was right to say that the man expected to be the next Prime Minister will be judged not by the promises he makes, but the promises he keeps.
Beadle was sent to the stand and soon afterwards the Walsall official collapsed on the touchline, causing an eight-minute delay.
County fans will concede they're not the most optimistic bunch but they have the belief that Beadle is a man with the nous to finally end their eight-year itch and earn them Conference Premier status.
Beadle is starring as Buttons in the Civic Hall's panto alongside Humphrey, who he said is the real star of the show.
The former Beadle's About presenter was diagnosed three weeks ago.
WHERE is Jeremy Beadle? He hasn't been heard of since his affair.
Beadle, of Woodvale Road,Ainsdale, struck up a friendship with the girl in an internet chat room and told her he would fly to the US to meet her.
First elected in 1996, Coun Beadle is one of Gateshead's longest serving councillors and is currently Deputy Leader of the 12-strong opposition group.