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Boston Scientific EPI: A Carotid Stenting Trial for High-Risk Surgical Patients. A trial evaluating M&M for high-risk patients treated with Carotid WALLSTENT® with FilterWire EX®/EZ™ System distal protection

Primary endpoint 1-year M&M—cumulative non Q-wave MI within 24 hours of carotid stenting, death in 30 days, stroke, Q-wave MI, ipsilateral stroke or fatal neurologic events up to 1 year
Conclusions Stenting with the Carotid WALLSTENT® together with the FilterWire EX®/EZ™ in a high risk surgical population that otherwise met all other enrollment criteria demonstrated acceptable 30 day and 1-year safety results
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Although some people wanted all cars off the beach and others wanted no interference in beach uses, the final approved HCP allows continued public access to the beach while providing positive conservation measures for sea turtles.
Exercising on sand gives a much harder workout and walking or exercising on the beach uses up 20 to 50 per cent more calories than a stroll at the same pace on a hard surface.