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Antoine P.E., French dermatologist, 1807-1878. See: Bazin disease.
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D'Artagnan recognized that voice, and as the window of the ground-floor was open, he leant down from his horse under the branches and red fibers of the vine and cried "Bazin, my dear Bazin!
In fact, Bazin bounded up, carrying with him his little low chair, which the children tried to take away, with battles more fierce than those of the Greeks endeavoring to recover the body of Patroclus from the hands of the Trojans.
"Ah, monsieur," said Bazin, with dignity, "monseigneur is at his diocese."
"Why, where can you come from," said Bazin, rather irreverently, "that you don't know that?"
"My dear Bazin, we pagans, we men of the sword, know very well when a man is made a colonel, or maitre-de-camp, or marshal of France; but if he be made a bishop, archbishop, or pope -- devil take me if the news reaches us before the three quarters of the earth have had the advantage of it!"
hush!" said Bazin, opening his eyes: "do not spoil these poor children, in whom I am endeavoring to inculcate such good principles." In fact, the children had surrounded D'Artagnan, whose horse, long sword, spurs, and martial air they very much admired.
the wild little wretches!" And the worthy Bazin distributed right and left blows which increased the cries of his scholars by changing the nature of them.
"Do you think so?" said D'Artagnan, with a smile which made a shudder creep over the shoulders of Bazin.
As for Aramis, of whom we believe we have sufficiently explained the character--a character which, like that of his lackey was called Bazin. Thanks to the hopes which his master entertained of someday entering into orders, he was always clothed in black, as became the servant of a churchman.
"This is all very easy for you to say," replied D'Artagnan, "for you, Athos, who live like a dumb man with Grimaud, who forbid him to speak, and consequently never exchange ill words with him; for you, Porthos, who carry matters in such a magnificent style, and are a god to your valet, Mousqueton; and for you, Aramis, who, always abstracted by your theological studies, inspire your servant, Bazin, a mild, religious man, with a profound respect; but for me, who am without any settled means and without resources--for me, who am neither a Musketeer nor even a Guardsman, what I am to do to inspire either the affection, the terror, or the respect in Planchet?"
"But, sir," said Planchet, with a look of shrewdness, "I know where Bazin is."
shot, fragments of astronomical instruments, a piece of crown work, and a bronze clock, bearing this inscription--"Bazin m'a fait," the mark of the foundry of the arsenal at Brest about 1785.