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Did Joshua Chamberlain save the day at Little Round Top by ordering a bayonet charge that crushed his Confederate foe, or did the charge come about quite by happenstance as a result of confusion, chaos, and independent action by subordinates which Chamberlain later claimed to be &his own design?
A SOLDIER who led a four-man bayonet charge through a hail of Taliban gunfire has been awarded the Military Cross.
He volunteered to recapture a trench, surprising the Germans with a sudden bayonet charge.
He took out an anti-tank gun mannedby aGermansoldier and with only 30men left in his company led a victorious bayonet charge against 50 infantrymen before single-handedly overcoming another enemy post.
In 1943, he was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery as Captain in commanding a counter offensive and bayonet charge against the Japanese troops on the Sittang river.
You can imagine him crouching low, leading a desperate bayonet charge.
His actions gained him the Military Cross - and his promotion to captain - after he led a bayonet charge into unknown territory facing continual machine gun fire from the Turks two days after the landing, in April 1915.
He kept a newspaper cutting about Cpl Mark Byles (below), who won the Military Cross for leading a bayonet charge in 2004 which killed 20 Iraqi insurgents who ambushed his convoy in Southern Iraq.
Sir Tasker, 87, who was the awarded the Victoria Cross after leading a bayonet charge against enemy infantry in Normandy during World War II, received the Freedom of Cardiff at a ceremony in City Hall yesterday.
His book, Mud, Blood and Poppycock, published two years ago, has been described as a `frontal bayonet charge on a well dug-in enemy' and forms the basis of his first talk at the Durham County Council-run museum.
Then, forming a new line, be led a bayonet charge, driving the enemy back and preventing a breakthrough in the American lines.
Refusing calls to surrender, Major Yate rallied his 19 remaining survivors out of an original strength of 220 men and led a bayonet charge against the German troops but was quickly captured.