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Cerivastatin Vascular disease A cholesterol-lowering, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor–statin–for managing hypercholesterolemia and mixed dyslipidemia–it ↑ HDL-C by 4% and ↓ LDL-C by 36%. It was withdrawn fronm the market in mid-200/. See Statin.
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Litigation has not ceased against Bayer over Baycol, for instance, and the cases against Merck continue to mount.
In reports in scientific journals, they concluded that Baycol was no riskier than the other statins.
The green light from the Food and Drug Administration is seen as vital for Bayer whose sub-scale pharmaceuticals business is trying to recover from the disastrous withdrawal of cholesterol drug Baycol two years ago.
The parent company, Bayer, removed Baycol from the market in 2002 after it was cited as the cause of more than 30 deaths.
La firma alemana Bayer, aturdida por las millonarias demandas por las mas de 50 muertes provocadas por su medicamento anticolesterol Baycol, ha retomado impulso ante la demanda masiva de su antibiotico CIPRO para combatir la contaminacion por antrax en Estados Unidos, lo que le ha reportado ganancias millonarias", escribio Alonso.
and two local physicians after developing a debilitating muscle disease that has been linked to the cholesterol-lowering drug Baycol.
For example, when the drug Baycol was recently recalled, our staff generated a report from the EMR within 15 minutes, detailing all of the patients who were using the drug.
El Baycol es un medicamento cuya sustancia activa es la cerivastatina y su funcion es la de reducir los indices de colesterol en el cuerpo humano que, como se sabe, puede causar problemas circulatorios y cardiacos importantes.
This market is big, there are about 12 million people currently taking Statins, and last month, the German pharmaceutical maker Bayer withdrew Cerivastatin, a Statin sold as Baycol,because of 31 cases of fatal rhabdomyolysis, in America.
Uncertainty over the treatment was triggered by news that rival Bayer is pulling its own treatment Baycol.
Bayer said the drug, named Baycol, could cause muscle destruction if taken together with gemfibrozil, another cholesterol-lowering drug.
In the present study, we used commercially available Baycol and chick embryos in our experiments.