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Cerivastatin Vascular disease A cholesterol-lowering, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor–statin–for managing hypercholesterolemia and mixed dyslipidemia–it ↑ HDL-C by 4% and ↓ LDL-C by 36%. It was withdrawn fronm the market in mid-200/. See Statin.
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Two particularly egregious cases where this has occurred are the Bayer admitting to a 'mistake' in suppressing a study that showed dangerous side-effects associated with the drug Baycol and Merck's suppression of studies that showed Vioxx quadrupled the risk of myocardial infarction.
Litigation has not ceased against Bayer over Baycol, for instance, and the cases against Merck continue to mount.
Baycol, made by Bayer of Leverkusen, Germany; appeared safe enough in the manufacturer-funded studies that the Food and Drug Administration considered before approving it for prescription use in the United States.
Baycol, a "statin" that has been withdrawn, is one example--patients could easily switch to other medicines.
In addition, as of August 26, 2004, there had been 65 reports of rhabdomyolysis among US patients taking Crestor, a rate of reports approaching that of Baycol, a cholesterol drug that was taken off the market because of rhabdomyolysis.
Pharmaceutical firm Bayer AG devised a two-part strategy for settlement of product liability lawsuits on its Baycol product, setting a range of amounts payable to those actually harmed and aggressively contesting other claims.
They include the following topics, many of which Mealey's already devotes a newsletter to: mold, latex, MTBE, toxic torts, welding rods, asbestos, tobacco, vaccines, ephedra, PPA, Baycol, silica, lead, emerging drugs, and fen-hen.
Subscribers, for instance, can keyword search the summaries for access to the mass tort litigators' key pleadings from litigation such as asbestos, MTBE, fen-phen, Baycol and mold.
Subscribers, for instance, can keyword search the summaries for access to the mass tort litigators' key pleadings from such litigation as asbestos, MTBE, fen-phen, Baycol and mold.
District Judge Michael Davis of Minneapolis denied class-action status to several thousand lawsuits against German pharmaceutical maker Bayer over its anticholesterol drug Baycol, ruling the cases were too diverse in issues and medical conditions to qualify as one class of plaintiffs.
The green light from the Food and Drug Administration is seen as vital for Bayer whose sub-scale pharmaceuticals business is trying to recover from the disastrous withdrawal of cholesterol drug Baycol two years ago.
Consider the drug Baycol, widely prescribed as one of the newest and best defenses against dangerous cholesterol.