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Antoine, French chemist and pharmacist, 1728-1804. See: Baumé scale.
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While the Baumatic calibre allowed Baume to flex its horological muscle, the real showstopper came earlier this year when the brand dropped an all-new Clifton Baumatic Perpetual Calendar.
The cast: Harlotte O'Scara as the Rogue; Butylene O'Kipple as the Alchemist; Fraya Love as the Cleric; Arson Nicki as the Warlock; and Matt Baume as the Dungeon Master.
Working closely with the watchmaker's creative team at headquarters, under design director Alexandre Peraldi, the three designers created exclusive straps for Baume & Mercier's Classima collection, inspired by fashion, women and the brand's DNA.
There is no denying that A Line Made by Walking is full of sadness and pain, but with captivating writing, a vivid rural landscape and frequent references to famous works of art, Baume creates a layered experience that leaves the reader nurtured and restored.
"We are very proud to partner with Shelby to celebrate this special moment in the legendary automobile manufacturer's history," said Alain Zimmermann CEO of Baume & Mercier.
Baume& Co remained a family run company until 1920 when watchmaker William Baume, grandson of the founder, formed an alliance with jeweller Paul Mercier.
Baume Capillaire is said to offset the problematic characteristics of brittle, damaged hair.
The Baume & Mercier & Me charity campaign first launched in 2005 was one of the first of its kind.
The Baume test can be used on the coatings at each work station as part of a control program, but utilizing the test alone may not provide sufficient information to fully control coating parameters.
Jonathan Baume, the general secretary of the First Division Association, said 10 Downing Street was seen as a "blockage" by Whitehall mandarins because of the difficulty of getting a clear decision from the Prime Minister.
Morrisons have gone all Gallic with the French Red La Baume Supreme Merlot selling for pounds 4.99, down from pounds 5.99, and the French White La Baume Supreme Sauvignon on sale at the same price for the same reduction.
I bought 'a' book at Lifeline Canberra's 50th Bookfair (May 1973--September 2008) ...' or, Eric Baume, Hugh Elliott, Robert Thorburn Turnbull and David Henry Souter: What do those four gentlemen have in common?