Battle, William H.

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William H., English surgeon, 1855-1936.
Battle incision
Battle operation
Battle sign - postauricular ecchymosis in cases of fracture of the base of the skull.
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Finally, they are also getting avatar costumes from "Gundam Battle Operation Next 2."
We suspected that these ships were already in full battle operation.
New demands for command and control functions, land, sea and air battle operation, communications and sensors, for a variety of new threats, will drive the continued development of new electronic systems.
* TANG06 Series Riflescopes: ruggedized and optimized for military use to withstand both close quarter battle operations and long range shooting.
He noted that isolated flashpoints may emerge, but battle operations to defeat terrorists on this territory have been generally completed.
In Syria, the end of major battle operations against Islamic Statemay only prefigure a new phase of the war, as the rival forces which have seized territory from the jihadists square off.
At the conclusion, we can note that for terrain battle reconnaissance the military application of geographic information system and photogrammetry technologies can be implemented if, first of all, photogrammetry specified photographing carry out, shooted photographies in real-time mode are sent by the radio communication to center, an operator implements efficiently the terrain orthophotomap making (determination of coordinates of the sought-for stationary object, efficiently decision making etc.) or constructs the terrain detailed 3D model for organization in future the battle operations and combat control.
Anjanette Mayang, 23, gives indirect combat support as a gunner, handling 81-mm and the smaller 60-mm mortars, and joins battle operations.
It provides a fine history of battle operations, fighters, and those who flew planes that were military successes.
At the time, Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy noted the ironic application of the term 'war'--defined by the Even-Shoshan dictionary as "an armed clash between armies, a conflict between state bodies (nations, states) in battle operations with the use of weapons and by force of arms"--to a situation in which only one of the sides possesses a state, an army, and a senior military officer who describes the conflict as "a superb call-up and training exercise".
But in battle operations they showed themselves to be real professionals, positive, courageous, inventive and persevering.