Battle Shock

A mental breakdown on the battle field typically due to stress; it can be acute—combat shock—or gradual—combat fatigue—depending on the speed with which symptoms manifest themselves
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The chapter Battle Shock reveals the true toll of the intense fighting in Helmand, as the Guards gave their all in battle: "An RPG flew right over him and hit the Jackal, blowing up a fuel tank.
I don't remember too much about what happened because I was left in battle shock.
The combination of my "Jerusalem Syndrome" with my private battle shock was hard, painful and almost fatal.
These included two soldiers who shot themselves - in the thigh and foot respectively - in order to avoid conflict and the many cases of "battle shock", a type of nervous breakdown suffered by front-line troops.
Capt Jamie Norman, 25, said: "We want to maintain them in battle shock. If you keep them so they don't know if they're coming or going it helps in the interrogation process.
He said, ``We want to maintain them in battle shock until they reach the holding centre.
Pacquiao's knockout loss against Marquez in their fourth battle shocked Filipinos all over the world who were rooting for him.