Battey bacillus

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My·co·bac·te·ri·um in·tra·cel·lu·la·'re

a bacterial species found in lung lesions and sputum of humans; may cause bone and tendon-sheath lesions in rabbits; some strains are pathogenic for mice. Recently linked to opportunistic infections in humans.
Synonym(s): Battey bacillus
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Battey bacillus

(1) Mycobacterum avium—Runyon group III. 
(2) Mycobacterium intracellulare—Runyon group III.

Because the two species of organisms are difficult to differentiate, they are usually termed together as Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare or Mycobacterium avium complex.
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a state hospital in Georgia, USA.
Battey bacillus - mycobacterium causing lung disease similar to tuberculosis; first isolated at Battey State Hospital in Georgia.
Battey-type mycobacteriosis
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