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noun A moist dough from which breads are made
verb To beat repeatedly and/or violently
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Pigs in blankets: These jumbo sausages were superb, as was the smoky bacon: 10/10 | Sprouts: Not a huge fan of sprouts but the batter made them a little more bearable: 3/10 | Stuffing balls: What's better than a stuffing ball?
Research has shown that rice-based batters absorb substantially less oil during frying--50% less oil than traditional wheat batters.
In a nutshell, get your fat to the right heat and your batter thick and cold.
Available in French Vanilla, Devils Food, Carrot Cake and Lemon Snow (lemon and coconut) varieties, Batter Crisps are packaged in a 6-ounce gusseted bag with a suggested retail price of$3.
In order for a relief pitcher to be replaced by another relief pitcher, he must have pitched to at least three batters, or ended the inning, or have had two or more runs score while he was on the mound.
The staff use a special batter for the chips that makes them crispier on the outside.
Consequently, the batter anticipates more fastballs and is therefore more likely to record a hit, as the pitcher has adopted a more predictable strategy.
The batter is out if the ball is caught before it hits the ground or if the ball is fielded before the batter reaches a marker.
Developed by owner and creative chef, Isabel Gordon, Isabel's Naturally Free From batter mix combines a complex blend of native Brazilian root Hours, which when added to water or beer makes a wonderfully smooth batter mix ideal for fish, poultry and vegetables.
Choose a pitcher, catcher, batter, and outfielders.
A fielder who earns 100 points becomes the new batter.