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(1) BATMAN. One of two clinical trials about the safety and efficacy of the Batimastat BiodivYsio® stent, a drug-coated (with an MMP—matrix metalloproteinase—inhibitor, batimastat) device designed to decreased restenosis in patients who had undergone coronary angioplasty

(2) Batman. One of several fathers’ rights activists who appear with some regularity perched atop any of a number of public places in the UK—e.g., Parliament, Buckingham palace, etc.—to protest alleged family courts’ bias against them
(3) Vox populi Batman. A popular comic book superhero who fights crime in the fictional Gotham City
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Batmania would not have occurred if not for the degree of synergy afforded by WCI's horizontal integration and media concentration.
A movie compiled from the first serial, An Evening With Batman and Robin, was released at the height of TV Batmania in the sixties when Adam West wasn't so much a Caped Crusader as a Camp Crusader.
Toys R Us marked the occasion with a look back at how playtime has changed during their lifetime1985-89: Transformers Robots that change shape; Football Stickers World Cup fever and Maradona's "Hand of God" spark a playground craze; Sylvanian Families Cute little toy animals; Ghostbusters Replica "proton packs" like the ones that trap spooks in the movie are top choice; Batman Batmania hits after the launch of Tim Burton's Batman movie1990-94: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Heroes in a halfshell; GameBoy Nintendo's pocket-sized video game; Thunderbirds Tracy Island playset is a sell-out; Barbie The doll is back in vogue; Power Rangers Spin-off from the superhero TV show.