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Randas, 20th-century Brazilian cardiac surgeon. See: Batista procedure.
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Batista - who works with the World Boxing Council's anti-bullying programme - has presented a Town shirt to Jones Jnr, who is happy to be an honorary fan.
Batista tenia una grabadora portatil escondida en el saco de su traje, la cual no fue descubierta en la entrada del Palacio de Jaburu, la residencia de Temer.
Although O Globo did not specify how and when it got the information, it did reveal that the piece came from a plea-bargain deal between Batista and the prosecutors in a graft investigation.
In September 2014, Batista was indicted for financial crimes and the court ordered that his assets be frozen.
Batista s EBX oil, mining and logistics empire, which two years ago was valued at $60 billion, collapsed last year in a mountain of debt and massive filings for bankruptcy protection.
The BBC's Wyre Davies looks at Eike Batista, the man behind oil firm
ON, which is assisting Batista in divesting his Eneva stake, according to two of the people.
63 per cent preferred equity interest in Centennial Asset Brazilian Equity Fund LLC and other offshore holding companies of Batista.
With his own stock pledged against loans used to support the companies, Batista saw many of his guarantees to bankers and investors become nearly worthless.
QUETTA -- Shanghai Shenhua signing Didier Drogba may not play in his side's high-profile friendly against Manchester United on Wednesday due to a back injury, team manager Sergio Batista said.
DIDIER DROGBA'S move to China took a big step forward last night as ex-Argentina boss Sergio Batista claimed he is confident of landing the striker.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 28, 2012--Morgan Stanley to help Eike Batista offload 30% interest in CCX - report(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.