Bathing Trunk Nevus

A premalignant congenital melanocytic nevus, which measures > 5 cm in greatest dimension, and has a ‘garment-like’ distribution—bathing trunk, cap, coat sleeve, stocking—often with scattered satellite lesions; up to 12% develop melanoma; leptomeningeal involvement may be accompanied by epilepsy and mental retardation

Histologic pattern Compound and intradermal nevus, neural nevus, and blue nevus
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Congenital melanocytic nevi are classified into two types according to their size: Giant congenital melanocytic nevi (also called as the 'Garment nevus', 'Bathing trunk nevus' or 'Giant hairy nevus') are greater than 20cm in diameter and Small congenital nevi, which are usually less than 1.5 cm in their greatest dimension.