Bath House

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A place for bathing; a small house for undressing/dressing before/after bathing
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Despite the recommendations, council officers have been asked to continue negotiating with the owner to pursue the redevelopment of both the Power Hall and Bath House.
Other finds by a team of 400 volunteers included a size 11 soldier's shoe and a gaming board used in the bath house at Vindolanda - one of 14 forts along Hadrian's Wall.
The bath house is a favorite place of recreational for Baku residents and city guests.
The Old Bath House is really taking off with new artists and an open studios weekend coming up on November 10-11."
Bath houses are used in China by people who do not have running water, but they are more like spas, offering foot and body massages.
everyday life in the streets; Hammam Ammouneh, isone of the oldest traditional bath houses ofDamascus and a jewel of Islamic cultural heritagewhich was recently rehabilitated and allocated forreceiving fatigued women.
As for the bath house, everyone knows that it's for men only.
ft estate in Oahu is spread across 3 acres and includes 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, along with a boat house, tennis courts, and a separate bath house, reported.
Some of us girls in the bath house were reminiscing about "the van".
The stone head, which measures about 8 inches by 4 inches, was found buried under the debris of what may once have been a bath house by Alex Kirton, a Durham University archaeology student.
Some of the tableaux of the bath house dramas are staged in a manner that borders on the tawdry even though they attempt to quote instances of historically important paintings.
I have never since seen tubs as massive as the white porcelain ones in our bath house. Though large enough to hold 65 gallons, each rested on graceful legs and had a wide, curving rim that one could sit on while getting in and out.