Bath House

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A place for bathing; a small house for undressing/dressing before/after bathing
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Main Farm has a cottage-style garden at the front, a flagged terrace at the side overlooking the bath house remains, and lovely gardens at the back.
The eagle hundreds down All would have been lost by visitors to the bath house.
Four of the defendants, including the owner of the bath house, were charged with "running a place that organises paid sexual orgies", while another 21 faced charges of debauchery.
everyday life in the streets; Hammam Ammouneh, isone of the oldest traditional bath houses ofDamascus and a jewel of Islamic cultural heritagewhich was recently rehabilitated and allocated forreceiving fatigued women.
Bath house workers took pity and have tried to make her comfortable.
In a raid that took place on December 8, police arrested 33 men at a bath house in Downtown Cairo for taking part in "debauchery," claiming that the bath house was a safe house for soliciting gay sex.
Some of us girls in the bath house were reminiscing about "the van".
My Uncle Joe and Aunt Julia (his sister) owned the Monroe, the adjacent Plaza Bath House, and the Plaza Hotel just two doors down.
The stone head, which measures about 8 inches by 4 inches, was found buried under the debris of what may once have been a bath house by Alex Kirton, a Durham University archaeology student.
Some of the tableaux of the bath house dramas are staged in a manner that borders on the tawdry even though they attempt to quote instances of historically important paintings.
Also included in sale is a 4 Bedroom 2 Bath House and Barn,Indoor Kennel with Office and Open Air Kennel.