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(bāt′sən), William 1861-1926.
British biologist who was one of the founders of the science of genetics. He experimentally proved Gregor Mendel's theories on heredity and published the first English translation of Mendel's work in 1900.
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I have directed Bateson to be here in ten minutes with his ax."
"What is to become of me, if you please, when Bateson has chopped my bed into fire-wood?"
Yet given the number of embarrassingly vengeful books written about famous parents lately, Bateson's is a relief.
Bateson, Mehmet Konar-Steenberg, Simon Canick, Anthony S.
The club, hugely successful until it disbanded in the 1990s, has been relaunched by Washington runner Tim Bateson. As well as setting up Trail Outlaws, Bateson also wanted to see a running club in his home town.
But Leeds light-flyweight Jack Bateson continued his rapid emergence by guaranteeing a medal at the European Amateur Championships.
ROSS COUNTY boss Derek Adams is set to bolster his backline for the SPL campaign by making a double swoop for Mihael Kovacevic and Jonathan Bateson.
"But the six dog [Julie Bateson's Fridays Daryl] looked to be going exceptionally well himself when the hare had to be stopped in his heat so our dog will have to be just as good again in the final.
The usage "a difference that makes a difference" is usually ascribed to the non-aristotelian (in the korzybskian sense) anthropologist Gregory Bateson, who used it in the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture that he gave for the Institute of General Semantics (IGS) in 1970.
Honeybee response "has more in common with that of vertebrates than previously thought," wrote Newcastle University researchers Melissa Bateson and Jeri Wright in their bee study, published June 2 in
Prof Bateson also called for a more robust "accredited breeder scheme", under which breeders have to run tests on parent dogs to make sure their offspring will not be at risk of inherited diseases.
Susan Bateson, debt recovery manager at Stephensons Solicitors, says large firms can "cripple" smaller outfits with late payments.