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(bāt′sən), William 1861-1926.
British biologist who was one of the founders of the science of genetics. He experimentally proved Gregor Mendel's theories on heredity and published the first English translation of Mendel's work in 1900.
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I have directed Bateson to be here in ten minutes with his ax.
What is to become of me, if you please, when Bateson has chopped my bed into fire-wood?
Despite their early dominance Spartans could have fallen behind on 16 minutes and were grateful for Peter Jameson's double save to deny Curtis Bateson.
This biography traces the career of biologist, anthropologist, social psychologist, communications theorist, psychotherapist, and ecologist Gregory Bateson, who reframed culture, psychology, biology, and evolution in terms of feedback and communication.
Acting Commander Stuart Bateson from Victoria Police (http://www.
Matthew Bateson put North Yorkshire Corinthians in front against Newcstle Christan Life Centre.
The discovery, announced in the year of the 800th anniversary of the original 1215 document, was made by archivist Dr Mark Bateson when Prof Vincent asked Dr Bateson to look up a copy of the town's original Charter of the Forest.
The home side then took the lead on 36 minutes when man-of-thematch Curtis Bateson played the ball into Simon Russell, who made no mistake with the finish.
Much as Bateson begins her narrative by explaining the journey she traveled to write Composing a Life, I'd like to preface my retrospective of her book with a brief account of my early years in graduate school--how I came to the study of biography and, in turn, came to read Bateson's book.
Edwards wins ABA flyweight CHARLIE Edwards served up a significant statement of intent by beating his Great Britain rival Jack Bateson to claim the ABA flyweight title in Liverpool.
Releyendo la biografia de Gregory Bateson escrita por el antropologo David Lipset, me tope con el tema que me abrio los ojos sobre la materia de fondo que deberia contener este articulo y sobre los hechos esenciales, los que verdaderamente marcan las elecciones de todo Mexico.
JACK Bateson believes the new generation of Great Britain amateur boxers are well equipped to emulate the gold medal greats who have gone before.