Bateman, Thomas


Thomas, English dermatologist, 1778-1821.
Bateman disease - infectious disease of the skin caused by a member of the pox virus.
Bateman purpura - purpura caused by lack of support of blood vessels secondary to old age. Can also be caused by corticosteroid therapy.
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Masters of this, of course, include artist and naturalist John James Audubon, Robert Bateman, Thomas Moran and Margaret Mee, a botanical artist and early critic of rainforest destruction.
Trystars/Hothands - City (25pts per try & 8 per NR): Wales - Bateman, Thomas, Howarth, S Quinnell, Italy - Pini, Stoica, Rivaro, Troncon; Hills (25 & 8): Wales - Thomas, Howley, Howarth, Williams, Italy - Pini, Stoica, D Dallan, Martin; IG (20 & 5): Wales - Howarth, Bateman, Howley, Taylor, Italy - Pini, Martin, Troncon, Dominguez; Sporting (25 & 8): Wales - Thomas, Williams, S Quinnell, Bateman, Italy - Stoica, Pini, Troncon, Dominguez.