Walter A., U.S. physician, 1873-1952. See: Bastedo sign.
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(66) Michael Bastedo and Allyson Flaster, "Conceptual and methodological problems in research on college undermatch," Educational Researcher 43, no.
British actress Alexandra Bastedo said: "He was terribly sophisticated, he was a real gentleman."
Jamie Bastedo's On Thin Ice ( gives a remarkable picture of a contemporary half-Inuit girl and her discovery of her shaman heritage amid a world of climate change.
(4.) For a critique of the fate of the Ontario referendum, see, Lawrence LeDuc, Heather Bastedo, and Catherine Baquero, "The Quiet Referendum, Why Electoral Reform Failed in Ontario," 2008, TVOOrg/Images/tvoresources/BBDF37B2-9FB0-934F-69CB56E26191B64E.pdf
"Like a symphony in a blanket," cooed Simon, before slobbering over a Cornish pasty like it was Alexandra Bastedo in an old episode of The Champions.
They were Sharron Macready (Alexandra Bastedo), Richard Barrett (William Gaunt) and Craig Stirling (Stuart Damon).
The Champions, from ATV Midlands, was aimed at an international audience so in came American heart throb Stuart Damon as Richard Barrett, glamour provided by Alexendra Bastedo, British interest in the shape of William Gaunt.
The field assistance and collaboration of Jamie Bastedo, Brenda Hans, Greg Hellyer, Gordon Nelson, David Sauchyn, and John Theberge are gratefully acknowledged.
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BOND girl Alexandra Bastedo is a firm believer in vitamin supplements.