Edoardo, Italian surgeon, 1844-1924. See: Bassini operation, Bassini herniorrhaphy.
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First-team players released a statement confirming they won't take part in the club's remaining fixtures this season as owner Ken Anderson attempts to complete a sale to former Watford owner Laurence Bassini. Bassini reportedly said he had saved Bolton from administration after agreeing to buy the club last week.
What Marek does, however, is apply the principles of acoustic phonetics to literature excerpts, and to more than fifty vocalises--some by Garcia, Bassini, and Lilli Lehmann, as well as traditional scale and arpeggio patterns outfitted with registration instructions.
wo toda Brentf game ag un their ove The pl days with despite L players have gone 27 without being paid, Laurence Bassini agreeing to take over the Ken Anderson.
Both clubs are owned by the Pozzo family, who bought Watford from Laurence Bassini last summer.
The former Chelsea forward was appointed as manager in a move made by Watford's new owners, the Pozzo family, who recently completed their takeover of the club from Laurence Bassini.
Each issue contained reviews of vocal performances from around the country as well as featured articles by guest contributors, including familiar pedagogues of the day, such as Carlo Bassini, Emil Behnke, Edmund J.
Bassini claimed he had released PS1million for wages, but the EFL stepped in to postpone the game.
BOLTON Wanderers are set for a change of ownership after announcing the sale of the club to former Watford owner Laurence Bassini has been agreed.
In adults, the repair of the hernia should be performed with Bassini or Shouldice techniques without making use of synthetic meshes or plugs within the defect due to the high risk of suppuration of such materials.
[3,4] The right hemiscrotum and peritoneal cavity were irrigated and herniorrhaphy was performed by modified Bassini. No mesh applied.
City's pursuit of Mackay gathered pace on Wednesday when Watford rejected an approach, with new owner Laurence Bassini stating "we will do everything in our power to keep him at Vicarage Road".
And with Bassini promising funds to rebuild he is keen to test himself in a more stable environment.