Edoardo, Italian surgeon, 1844-1924. See: Bassini operation, Bassini herniorrhaphy.
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Even though it is obviously based on the monumental work of Garcia, it is not known whether Bassini ever studied directly with Garcia--possibly in Paris before Garcia went to London and before Bassini came to the United States.
13,14) The Bassini (Non-Anatomical) repair or Shouldice (Anatomical) repair practiced till today has recurrence rate of 1 to 6%, may be due to tension in suture line.
He has nothing but praise for the club Cardiff poached him from in the summer, but admitted that with many in the Watford hierarchy leaving as the club was sold to local businessman Laurence Bassini, the time felt right to move on.
The club's parent company, Watford Leisure Plc, has received a bid from Watford FC Ltd - set up in January by orthopaedic surgeon Panos Thomas and bankrolled by north London businessman Laurence Bassini.
What Marek does, however, is apply the principles of acoustic phonetics to literature excerpts, and to more than fifty vocalises--some by Garcia, Bassini, and Lilli Lehmann, as well as traditional scale and arpeggio patterns outfitted with registration instructions.
Fortunately for me, as it has turned out, Laurence Bassini got in contact with me and said, 'Look, why do you want to go?
Each issue contained reviews of vocal performances from around the country as well as featured articles by guest contributors, including familiar pedagogues of the day, such as Carlo Bassini, Emil Behnke, Edmund J.
The operation was simple, did not require extensive dissection of the inguinal floor as in Bassini or Shouldice or mesh repair and produced excellent results.
A statement from Watford owner Laurence Bassini on their official website read: "Cardiff City has confirmed Malky Mackay as its new manager and he leaves with the best wishes of the Hornets' leadership team.
There are several methods of inguinal hernia repair mentioned in the literature after the introduction of Bassini in 1889 and all these methods mainly aim at tissue approximation.
But Watford owner Laurence Bassini issued a hands-off warning, saying: "We don't want Malky to leave and will do everything in our power to keep him at Vicarage Road.