Frank A., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome.
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Managers struggle with how to assess the financial return on their own sustainability-centered business decisions, despite wide-ranging evidence showing that solving sustainability challenges can lead to higher corporate financial performance (CFP) (Orlitzky, Schmidt, and Rynes 2003; Peloza and Yachnin 2008; Margolis, Elfenbein, and Walsh 2009; Fulton, Kahn, and Sharples 2012; Clark, Feiner, and Viehs 2014; Friede, Busch, and Bassen 2015).
A bicicleta e uma opcao de transporte urbano mais sustentavel que os modos motorizados, em virtude de seus beneficios sociais, ambientais, economicos e de saude fisica e mental (Anderson, Schnohr, Schroll & Hein, 2000; Bassen, Pucher, Buehler, Thompson & Crouter, 2008; Dora & Philips, 2000; Godefrooij, Pardo & Sagaris, 2009; Gordon-Larsen et al., 2009; Hamer & Chida, 2008; Hrncir, Song, Zilecky & Jakob, 2014; Li, Wang, Liu & Ragland, 2012; Oja et al., 2011; Winters & Teschke, 2010).
One of the most recent meta studies includes more than 2,200 single analyses and its findings indicate an overall positive link between environmental, social, and governance criteria and corporate financial performance (Friede, Busch, & Bassen, 2015).
ESG index are created to show additional aspects of companies' performance, which are not reflected in accounting information (Bassen and Kovacs, 2008).
(7.) Gacouin A, Le Tulzo Y, Lavoue S, Camus C, Hoff J, Bassen R, et al.
Zara also came under fire for copyright infringement in 2016. Tuesday Bassen, a designer who has ( previously worked with Nike and Urban Outfitters, noticed ( several of her designs were being stolen and sold by Zara. 
Marine conservationist Volker Bassen is bringing the 180,000-year-old fossil and its pearl - one of the rarest in the world - to The Hotel Show Dubai 2017 in September, to exhibit alongside the raft of ancient finds he has remodelled into practical - and in many cases beautiful - furnishings.
It gains consensus among the academicians and practitioners that financial performance is highly associated with the environmental approach, inserted to the organisational function (Sen, Roy and Pal 2015; Friede, Busch and Bassen 2015; Albertini 2013).
Caption: L to R: David Falk, NGKF and Todd Bassen and Joe Farkas, both with Metropolitan Realty Associates
Plano, TX, May 16, 2017 --( ResMan[R], the leader of multifamily management software solutions and Gartner 2017 Top Performer for Property Management Products, has announced multifamily and technology sales veteran Daniel Bassen as Regional Vice President of Sales.
De entre as principais dificuldades destaca-se o facto de o valor social gerado envolver, com frequencia, uma natureza qualitativa, dificilmente imputavel a acao especifica de uma organizacao, e de apresentar um baixo grau de comparabilidade entre organizacoes (Achleitner, Bassen & Roder, 2009; Emerson et al., 2001; Young, 2008).