Relating to the body of a vertebra.
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bone cement may leak to paravertebral soft tissues, canalis vertebralis, intervertebral disks and basivertebral veins.
This system uses radio frequency energy, delivered through specially designed instruments via a minimally invasive approach to access and ablate the basivertebral nerve.
An oval region of interest (ROI) was placed in the trabecular bone at the anterior part of three vertebral bodies (L1-L3), excluding areas of sclerosis, the area of the basivertebral vein, and the vertebral cortex.
The veins are avalvular and communicate via the basivertebral veins with the internal vertebral venous system.
6] Zheng Lou et al differentiated bleeding from basivertebral veins from presacral venous plexuses & advocated surrounding suture ligation for the latter.
17) The endpoints for cement injection include adequate filling of the anterior column portion of the involved vertebral body, cement entering the basivertebral venous plexus, or cement extending beyond a vertebral body cortical margin in any direction.
The basivertebral veins run horizontally within the vertebrae.
This venous system can be divided in three intercommunicating components; the internal vertebral venous plexus; the external vertebral venous plexus and the basivertebral veins.