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A receptacle for fluids.
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(1) Pelvis.
(2) A flattened hollow bowl for holding liquids for washing, and for various other uses.
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An open, bowl-like container for holding liquids. It may be shaped to fit around a structure.

emesis basin

A kidney-shaped basin that can fit close to the neck so vomitus may be collected.

lymph node basin

The lymph nodes, considered collectively, into which lymph channels drain from a particular region of the body. Lesions on an arm, for example, drain into the axillary basin; those on a leg drain into the groin. Similarly, prostate cancers drain into pelvic and periaortic basins.
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New Delhi [India], Nov 22 ( ANI ): National Mission for Clean Ganga, in association with GIZ India, organised an International workshop in New Delhi on River Basin Management at different levels and the role of River Basin Organisations (RBOs) in support of Ganga Rejuvenation.
Out of our 412 principal water basins, 18 have been identified as major.
Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, the company provides natural gas, crude oil and produced water gathering services in five unconventional resource basins: the Appalachian Basin in West Virginia and Ohio, the Williston Basin in North Dakota, the Fort Worth Basin in Texas, the Piceance Basin in Colorado and Utah as well as the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Colorado and Wyoming.
The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act mandates the formation of groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) to manage groundwater basins, and requires broad stakeholder participation in these agencies.
For a probable yield of 4.7 billion fuel oil equivalent, these areas include the Ilocos Shelf, Cagayan Basin, Central Luzon Basin, Bicol Shelf, Southeast Luzon Basin, Mindoro-Cuyo Basin, West Masbate-Iloilo Basin, Visayan Basin, Agusan-Davao Basin, Cotabato Basin, Sulu Sea Basin, East Palawan Basin, Southwest Palawan Basin, Reed Bank Basin, Northwest Palawan Basin and West Luzon Trough.
They are among the 18 major river basins around the country identified as priority areas for sustainable resource management and integrated area development.
Quantitative geomorphology of drainage basins and channel networks.
In its Super Basins: The Basins that Keep on Giving analysis, IHS Markit identified the Tampico-Misantla as one of 24 onshore 'super basins' worldwide.
The Paleogene sedimentary evolution of Fushun, Meihe and Huadian basins was mainly controlled by the right-lateral strike-slip fault depression and structural inversion stages.
When observing the Moon, your eye is drawn to the major lava-filled basins such as Imbrium, Crisium, Humorum, and Nectaris, but numerous smaller ones are often overlooked.
Fort Worth, TX, June 13, 2015 --( Basin Acquisition Fund GP, LLC ("Basin") today announced that Basin and its partners have closed the acquisition of oil and natural gas assets from an undisclosed seller for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $152 million.