leucine zipper

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leu·cine zip·per

a structural motif found in a number of proteins (for example, some of the DNA-binding regulatory proteins) in which leucyl residues align along one edge of the helix and can interdigitate with a similar structure on another protein molecule.
[Zipper, orig. a trademark for a fastening device with two rows of interlocking teeth]


Leu; a naturally occurring amino acid, essential for growth in the young and for nitrogen equilibrium in adults.

leucine aminopeptidase
a digestive enzyme of small intestine enterocytes (brush border).
synthetic form of leucine.
leucine enkephalin
leu-enkephalin; see enkephalin.
natural form of leucine.
leucine zipper
a structured motif found in some DNA binding regulatory proteins formed from a region of α-helix containing at least four leucines, each separated by six amino acids from one another; the leucines align along one edge of the α-helix with one leucine at every second turn of the helix such that the leucine of one protein can interdigitate with the leucines of another protein in a zipper manner.