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human rights, the legal and moral rights recognized by national and international laws.
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The CJP inquired Advocated General Sindh that who is the responsible of protection of basic human rights.
The only reasons I have ever come across are religious ones, but religious objections are not a good reason for the denial of a basic human right.
If we look at the basic human rights and take into account that the defendant has a political project, to see his actions as an expression of illness is to take away a basic human right, the right to take responsibility for one's own actions.
Westra also questions the dominant paradigm of economic motive above all else--above basic human rights to health and well-being.
COUNCIL and a health trust Ahave apologised after an investigation revealed how a disabled man's basic human rights were ignored in the last months of his life.
The US Administration is behaving in a manner that few nations across the world could deny the fact that its main objective is to deprive the Iranian people of their most basic human rights, including the right of free movement," he wrote.
CAIRO: In an online video published Wednesday night, Presidential hopeful and former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei called for drafting a bill outlining basic human rights to which every citizen is entitled.
Berri said Israel's decision to draw four pro-Hamas Palestinian MPs out of occupied Jerusalem "is a blatant violation of basic human rights
Mark 15:34) Especially since September 2000 there has been no change on the ground from the awful military occupation that strips people from their very basic human rights.
Since people everywhere, regardless of nationality, have certain basic needs, Miller argues that one responsibility we have to people in other nation states is to protect their basic human rights.
But campaigners are concerned that some basic human rights are being forgotten, particularly in the asylum process.
Focusing on Africa and its laundry list of problems, "Refugee Rights" is of interest to anyone who thinks basic human rights should not be a nation to nation thing, but rather something to be respected worldwide.

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