Basedow pseudoparaplegia

Ba·se·dow pseu·do·par·a·ple·gi·a

weakness of the thigh muscles in thyrotoxicosis; may occur suddenly and cause the patient to fall.
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Karl Adolph von, German physician, 1799-1854.
Basedow disease - Synonym(s): Graves disease; thyrotoxicosis
Basedow goiter - colloid goiter which becomes hyperfunctional after the ingestion of excess iodine, causing Jod-Basedow phenomenon.
Basedow pseudoparaplegia - weakness of the thigh muscles in thyrotoxicosis.
Basedow syndrome - myeloneuropathy seen in the presence of thyrotoxicosis.
Jod-Basedow phenomenon - induction of thyrotoxicosis in a previously euthyroid individual as a result of exposure to large quantities of iodine. Synonym(s): iodine-induced hyperthyroidism
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