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Karl A. von, German physician, 1799-1854. See: Basedow disease, Basedow pseudoparaplegia, Jod-Basedow phenomenon, Basedow goiter.
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According to this, after 2012, all thyroid gland patients with hyperthyroidism (Basedow Graves, toxic multinodulary disease, solitary toxic nodule), all suspicious thyroid nodules ([greater than or equal to] Bethesda 3 cytology findings), benign thyroid gland diseases with possible surgical indications (large goiters, retrosternal goiters) are discussed.
She had a history of type 2 diabetes mellitus, angina, Basedow disease, gallstones, and a left femoral diaphyseal fracture.
She was diagnosed with TAO 1 year before surgery at the age of 34 years, whereas she had been diagnosed with Morbus Basedow at the age of 27 years.
The second group of factors is related to the actual thyroid gland disease (Basedow's disease, toxic multinodular glands, large retrosternal goiter).
However, to date, analyzes comparing and/or using both approaches (size-based and taxonomy-based), have been limited almost exclusively to planktonic communities (Brucet et al., 2006; Quintana et al., 2006; Basedow et al., 2010; Poulin & Franks, 2010; Manriquez et al., 2012) and soil (Rall et al., 2011).
(100) On the origins of the exception, see Jurgen Basedow,
Comme l'a recemment remarque Jurgen Basedow, il n'est pas possible de repondre ou meme de poser la question quelle est la methode correcte?
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