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base sta·tion

(bās stā'shŭn)
1. General term used for the emergency medical service radio console in a hospital emergency department. Also used to refer to a hospital that provides direct medical control to prehospital providers.
2. A hospital that provides direct medical control to prehospital providers.
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base station

A local or regional command and control center for emergency medical services.
See also: station
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This study investigates the accuracy with which the locations of network base stations are known, as inaccuracy can impair the ability of many of the most feasible methods to provide accurate cellphone location estimates.
COMMENT: KTKZ continues to expand extensively through the development of CDMA networks and upgrading base stations. However, we expect neutral share price impact from the news, as it is consistent with KZTK's project of providing broadband wireless access to the internet.
The inspection of the base stations was carried out by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works on a tip-off from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office.
Key selling points for this enhanced VNL WorldGSM are: the ease with which the base stations can be put in place - in less than half a day, according to VNL; the ability of the Boston-Power lithium- ion battery to function in extreme climates, avoiding the need for air-conditioning or shelter; and three-day energy storage capability tomake it through cloudy periods.
"We do not wake up and decide to put base stations everywhere.
The researchers analysed the approximate distance (in metres) between the birth address and the nearest mobile phone base station, the total power output for base stations within 700m of the birth address, and the power density for base stations within 1400m of the birth address.
The Tokyo-based UQ has revised its WiMAX base station installation plan for FY2009 from 4,000 to more than 6,000 base stations by end-March 2010.
The company said that the A8 Base Stations are designed to provide wide area Wi-Fi coverage and can be co-located with a 3G base station to offload data connections (and increasing available 3G capacity), while at the same time minimising investment by sharing backhaul and site costs.
The RRE-equipped base stations will account for about half of the initial LTE base stations when DOCOMO becomes one of world's first operators to launch an LTE service in December 2010.
Wavion, an Israeli-based manufacturer of wireless network equipment, and Emperion, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a wholly owned subsidiary of Emperion A/S Denmark, announced on Thursday (30 October) the deployment of Wavion WBS-2400 Base Stations throughout Nigeria.
Summary: ALGIERS- Some 12,705 base stations are spread out by the mobile telephony operators throughout the national territory, indicated a report of Post and Information and Communication Technologies Minister Hamid Bessalah.

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