base note

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base note,

n aromatic components of essential perfumes and oils, such as sandalwood and vetivert, that do not readily evaporate and are used as fixatives to provide permanence. See also note.
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Suze, a gentian-based French bitter liqueur, stand in for Campari to add herbaceousness, a bitter base note and complexity.
The base note includes the most seductive essences in the world of fragrances: Oud, surrounded by sensuous ambergris and elegant harmonies of moss.
Rich adds everything from lemongrass to mustard seed to his beer, and folds beets into a dark Belgian ale for an incredible earthy base note.
Deborah recommends that I choose one base note and around four other blends to compliment the mix.
He towered above the rest of the band and squatted on every base note that bellowed from the enormous brass instrument above his head.
Lily of the valley top notes add sparkle while a base note of cedar adds that sensual contrast.
Each of the seven CDs in the 'Keys' series corresponds to a particular base note that resonates with different parts of the body.
Through the always classic-conservative base note, all parts of the collection can be used optimally for all business sectors and can be combined perfectly with each other at any time.