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Simon, U.S. physician, 1840-1921. See: Baruch law.
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He also allegedly told Barukh that a physician wasn't necessary.
This is, again, a compact passage, reminiscent of the compactness of Abulafia's master, Barukh Togarmi.
Again, grammar and conceptual thought are seen as allies, with the passive voice of barukh "blessed" coming to signify human.
Occupied by Israel since its victory in the 1967 Six Day War, Hebron's history of violent confrontation culminated most infamously in February 1994, when a Jewish settler named Barukh Goldstein entered the Tomb of the Patriarchs, revered by both religions as the burial place of their common ancestor, Abraham, and opened fire, killing 29 Muslim worshippers during Friday prayers.
In Israel, a senior health ministry official, Yehuda Barukh, said he would not advise inoculating the public because at present the danger from the vaccination was greater than contracting anthrax itself.
See for example Jacob Halevi Lifshiz, Zikhron Ya'akov, Part 2 (Kovna, 1927), 148-9, and Barukh Halevi Epshtein, Mekor Barukh (Vilna, 1924), Part 2 Chapter 12, 524-5.
There God is addressed as "the Place, blessed be He," "ha-Maqom barukh hu" ("Blessed be the Omnipresent" is the rather less than adequate English translation of this phrase).
Penney to the other," says Gina Barukh, a third-grader at Acacia Elementary School.
I telephoned one of them, Rabbi Shraga Boyer, at his Har Nof residence, and he asked that we meet for an interview the following day at a street corner in Mekor Barukh, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood adjacent to shuk Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem's central market.
Deputy Ambassador Barukh Binah claims that Ambassador Michael Oren is sidelining him in communications with the U.
Barukh of Medzibush, another grandson of the Besht, that the Hasidic interpretations "Touch and [at the same time] do not touch" the text, because of the implicit assumption that it is the effect of the divine spirit that informs the interpreter.
Rangers smelt blood and it took an exceptional goal line clearance from Barukh Degu from a superb Gavin Rae volley to stop them going in three up at half-time.