Barton, John Rhea

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John Rhea, U.S. surgeon, 1794-1871.
Barton bandage - a figure-of-eight bandage supporting the mandible below and anteriorly.
Barton blade
Barton dressing
Barton forceps - obstetrical forceps with one fixed curved blade and a hinged anterior blade for application to a high transverse head.
Barton fracture - fracture of the distal radius with dislocation of the radiocarpal joint.
Barton hook
Barton operation
Barton sling
Barton tongs
Barton traction handle
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Is this yet another Barton operation? We've phoned to find out and can only say that National Legal can't seem to decide whether he works there or not.
In fact, it was just another fly-bynight Barton operation and Hancock is understandably keen to distance himself from it.