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Samuel H., 20th-century U.S. psychologist. See: Brücke-Bartley phenomenon.
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I was detained at a concert, and Bartley telephoned that he would be late.
But, on my own account, I'm glad to have a few moments alone with you, before Bartley comes.
But I didn't mean that you would exactly fade dim, even if Bartley were here."
Alexander went on, "it must have been a flash of the distrust I have come to feel whenever I meet any of the people who knew Bartley when he was a boy.
Bartley"--he dropped his chin on the back of his long hand and looked at her admiringly--"Bartley caught the wind early, and it has sung in his sails ever since."
No past, no future for Bartley; just the fiery moment.
"You are off for England on Saturday, Bartley, Mrs.
"It must have been then that your luck began, Bartley," said Wilson, flicking his cigar ash with his long finger.
Bartley stopped and sat frowning into the fire, his shoulders thrust forward as if he were about to spring at something.
Bartley's abstraction and Wilson's reflections were cut short by a rustle at the door, and almost before they could rise Mrs.
It must take a great deal of time, certainly, and Bartley must take a great deal of time.
Rob- inson, and their wives, and the widow Bartley, and -- well, there's a lot of them; but these are the ones that Peter was thickest with, and used to write about some- times, when he wrote home; so Harvey 'll know where to look for friends when he gets here."