Bartholin's cyst

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Bartholin cyst

A cyst that develops when the duct of a Bartholin gland is obstructed, an event that occurs in ±2% of women in their lifetimes, and which can become secondarily infected.

Clinical findings
Acute, painful, unilateral labial swelling, dyspareunia, ambulatory pain, clear-coloured discharge.

Bartholin gland malignancy, chancroid, endometriosis, Gartner duct cyst, genital warts, gonorrhoea, haematoma, hidradenoma, lipoma, sebaceous cysts, Skene duct cyst, syphilis, vaginitis, vestibular mucous cysts, vulvar malignancy.

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Bartholin's cyst

Gynecology A cyst that develops when the duct of a Bartholin gland is obstructed
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Bartholin's cyst

An accumulation of mucin secretion causing expansion of one of the BARTHOLIN'S GLANDS to form a swelling to one side of the vaginal entrance.
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I felt saying you're She was told she didn't have herpes but that the lump on her vagina was a blocked gland known as a bartholin's cyst.
FOLLOWING SURGERY to excise a Bartholin's cyst from her labium, a patient developed first one hematoma and then a second, each of which was excised in turn.
Other possibilities are an inflamed cyst at the entrance to the vagina (Bartholin's cyst) or the beginning of a hernia.