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On approaching an outpost near the Barriere des Sergens, the sentinel cried out, "Who's there?" and D'Artagnan answered -- having first asked the word of the cardinal -- "Louis and Rocroy." After which he inquired if Lieutenant Comminges were not the commanding officer at the outpost.
Come, Guitant, come along, and let's see if they keep watch at the Quinze-Vingts as at the Barriere des Sergens."
At two o'clock in the morning, our four adventurers left Paris by the Barriere St.
He knew, that I should arrive to-day at ten o'clock; he was waiting for me at nine at the Barriere de Fontainebleau.
They went to live, like dove-turtles, near the barriere de Courcelles, in a little apartment at three hundred francs a year, with white cotton curtains to the windows, a Scotch paper costing fifteen sous a roll on the walls, brick floors well polished, walnut furniture in the parlor, and a tiny kitchen that was very clean.
We went through the formalities of the custom-houses, or barrieres, the same day, and the next morning we were all transferred to a celebrated shop that dealt in articles of our genus.
{Picardie = province of France, north of Evreux; barrieres = gates at the edge of Paris, where local customs duties were collected; magazin = shop; fiacre = a kind of carriage; Douane = customs house; confidential commissionaire = special messenger}
Plus de 150 migrants subsahariens ont reussi a penetrer dans l'enclave espagnole de Ceuta, au Maroc vendredi, apres avoir escalade une triple barriere metallique haute de plus de 6 metres, a-t-on appris samedi, de source officielle espagnole.
French hospitality firm Barriere Group is set to open its brasserie-style restaurant, Fouquet's, at Louvre Abu Dhabi in 2020, with the partnership aimed at converting the museum's existing restaurant area which has been designed by Jean Nouvel.
Louvre Abu Dhabi has announced a partnership with the French hospitality company Barriere Group to turn the museum's restaurant into the first Abu Dhabi-based branch of the company's well-known brasserie-style restaurant Fouquet's.
At least 55,000 people cross through the small border known as Petite Barriere and 77,000 through the large border, Grande Barriere in Rubavu district on a daily basis.
DEAUVILLE YESTERDAY LOXLEY rounded off a brilliant month in Normandy for Charlie Appleby when holding off Way To Paris and Salouen in the Group 2 Lucien Barriere Grand Prix de Deauville, writes Scott Burton.