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According to Ronnie Barrett, the event gave shooting enthusiasts and sportsmen a great way to pursue their passion for shooting sports while supporting a great cause.
Cancer is something that affects us all," said Barrett.
Some highlights of the Charity Shoot included an opportunity to shoot the Barrett .
The 2008 Shoot will be named the Shultz Charity Shoot in honor of Linda Shultz, cancer survivor and wife of former Smith & Wesson CEO Ed Shultz, whose vision component of the event this year will be the Barrett's Ball, a gala event to be hosted at the home of Pat and Ronnie Barrett.
And Jackie Clifford, Edith's close friend - the woman who finally blew the whistle on the Barretts - added: 'They were a very intimidating family.
The Barretts entered the life of eccentric antiques collector Mrs Borlace in 1994, shortly after her 71 year-old husband Raymond died of heart disease.
Edith died from her heart problems the next day - and the Barretts moved into the Old Vicarage.
The Barretts had asked me for the keys to the house so they could look after Edith's dogs while she was in hospital,' said Mrs Clifford.
By the weekend after her death the Barretts had produced the 'will'.
In a cynical move, the Barretts had even named Mrs Clifford as a co-executor of the will and said that Mrs Borlace had left her all her silver.
The High Court eventually ruled that the house DID belong to the Borlace family and the Barretts were forced to vacate the place - but an estimated pounds 400,000 of property had vanished.
They have six children: Gillian Stover of Tehachapi, Joanne Sibole of Lancaster, Geoffrey Barrett of Simi Valley, Cynthia Barrett of Simi Valley, Annamarie Hickman of Simi Valley and Ronald Barrett of Salem, Ore.