Barrett's esophagus

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Barrett's esophagus

Gastroenterology A condition estimated to occur in ± 2 million Americans, which develops in Pts with GERD Definition Replacement of normal stratified squamous epithelium with metaplastic, premalignant intestinal columnar epithelium in the distal esophagus, ± accompanied by peptic ulceration, typically a sequel to chronic reflex; the degree of dysplasia correlates with aneuploidy by flow cytometry Endoscopy BE changes include a proximal migration of the squamocolumnar Z-line, and patchy areas corresponding to single layered columnar cells in intimate contact with underlying blood vessels; although most Pts are adults, BE may affect children, suggesting BE has a congenital component; BE carries a ± 35-40-fold ↑ risk of esophageal adenoCA, which is almost invariably accompanied by dysplasia, and has a prognosis similar to that of epidermoid carcinoma–14.5% 5-yr survival Management-restore normal squamous epithelium Electrocoagulation, argon plasma coagulation, laser therapy, laser + antireflux surgery, photodynamic therapy; thermal ablation of metaplastic esophageal mucosa has fallen into disfavor Low-grade dysplasia Follow-up, possibly β-carotene High-grade dysplasia Esophagectomy; endoscopic mucosal ablation, photodynamic therapy
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Q. Cn barret esophagous be cured? I was diagnosed with barretts esophagus several years ago, and so far keeps on the routine follow up. I met some other guy with same condition and he told after his doctor prescribed him with some anti-reflux meds, in the last endoscopy they found normal esophagus, and that he thinks he's now cured. Is that possible?

A. Anti-reflux treatment may lower the risk of cancer a little, but it won't cure it, so there's still a need for refular follow-up.

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Gastric metaplasia of distal esophagus (of more than 1 cm length above gastroesophageal junction) as diagnosed on endoscopic appearance was defined as Barret's esophagus, with metaplastic epithelium involving 3 cm termed long segment Barret's esophagus.
Ulcers (5.8%) predominantly duodenal (4%), Barret's esophagus (4.4%) pre-dominantly short segment (4%), erosions (4%) predominantly duodenal (2.5%) and esophageal candidiasis (1.4%) were seen in the mentioned frequencies (table-III).
I have been diagnosed to have four chronic illnesses: high blood pressure, diabetes, a heart issue, and Barret's esophagus. Recently my primary care physician referred me to a dietician.
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GERD can cause Barret's esophagus which has 0-3% risk of transformation into esophageal adenocarcinoma.2 The hallmark symptoms at presentation are heartburn and regurgitation.
He also has to be careful about his sugar intake and has to refrain from drinking alcohol because of his Barret's esophagus, a serious complication of gastroesophageal reflux disease, which involves changes in the tissue lining the esophagus.
And then, esophageal ulcer by the continuous and chronic reflux progresses gradually and can deteriorate until esophageal stricture or Barret's esophagus. Ultimately, it may contribute to the development of esophageal cancer [34].
Prevalence of Barret's esophagus among individuals with esophageal biopsies from 2007 to 2011 * Year Prevalence (%) 95% Confidence Interval 2007 4.3 3.7-4.8 2008 4.7 4.2-5.3 2009 5.4 4.8-6.0 2010 3.4 2.9-3.8 2011 4.1 3.6-4.7 2007-2011 4.4 4.1-4.6 * Based on annual reports of all esophageal biopsies reported by three major pathology laboratories in Puerto Rico.
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