Barre, Jean A.

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Jean A., French neurologist, 1880-1971.
Barré sign - a hemiplegic placed in the prone position with the limbs flexed at the knees is unable to maintain the flexed position on the side of the lesion but extends the leg.
Barré-Liéou syndrome - irritation of a nerve plexus around a vertebral artery produces symptoms of dizziness, headache, tinnitus. Synonym(s): Liéou-Barré syndrome
Guillain-Barré reflex - see under Guillain
Guillain-Barré syndrome - see under Guillain
Landry-Guillain-Barré syndrome - Synonym(s): Landry syndrome
Liéou-Barré syndrome - Synonym(s): Barré-Liéou syndrome
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PP clinical implications include cervicogenic migraine, vertigo, nausea, and the Barre-Lieou syndrome (10,13,15).