Barraquer Roviralta, Luis

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Barraquer Roviralta,

Luis, Spanish physician, 1855-1928.
Barraquer disease - a condition characterized by a complete loss of the subcutaneous fat of the upper part of the torso, the arms, neck, and face. Synonym(s): Barraquer-Simons disease; progressive lipodystrophy; Simons disease
Barraquer-Simons disease - Synonym(s): Barraquer disease
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The determinant cause of Barraquer-Simons disease has not yet been elucidated.
We present the case of TDE, a female patient of 68-year old with Barraquer-Simons disease diagnosed in the second decade of life.
The family medical history is irrelevant, none of her siblings having been diagnosed with Barraquer-Simons disease or other metabolic conditions.