Ignacio, Spanish ophthalmologist, 1884-1965. See: Barraquer method.
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It has also outlined plans to establish a new ophthalmology hospital in Dubai in partnership with prominent Spanish brand Barraquer Ophthalmology Center.
Tenders are invited for Barraquer Wire Speculum Heavy Wire Large
It was in Colombia that Spanish ophthalmologist Jose Barraquer developed a new technique for refractive surgery; 50 years later, Barraquer's work became the inspiration for LASIK surgery, a simple procedure that now cures myopia with laser-like precision.
El director del hospital, el celebre doctor Antonio Suarez, imita el estilo de su propio maestro barcelones, Barraquer, no solo en cuanto a su metodo cientifico, sino tambien en la arquitectura del edificio.
Cette action de solidarite, dont le coup d'envoi a ete donne en presence des autorites de la wilaya, a ete organisee conjointement par l'Association Tagemi de la commune d'El Atteuf (Ghardaia) avec la fondation espagnole Barraquer specialisee dans la chirurgie ophtalmologique, et le soutien de la wilaya de Ghardaia et les services de la direction locale de la sante.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 10, 2016-Angola Capital supports Barraquer expeditions
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 10, 2016-Angola Capital supports Barraquer expeditions
Si, con la Fundacion Barraquer, he viajado con ellos a mas de diez paises, a Senegal, a Kenia, a Bangladesh .
The history of laser eye surgery goes back to the work of Professor Barraquer of Columbia who concluded that the key to altering the refractive status of the eye was changing the curvature of the cornea by adding or removing corneal tissue while preserving corneal layers.
Rodriguez Martin MaC, Conejos Alegre C, Fuenmayor Diaz A, Mirada, Ariet C, Sanz Izquierdo E, Torruella Barraquer C, Vela Ballestero A.
1858 MUNICIPIOS FIRMA CROQUIS DE Leganes--Carabanchel Joaquin M Barraquer TRAMOS DE de Arriba LINEA Polvoranca--Leganes Juan Ruiz y Moreno Polvoranca--Alcorcon Juan Ruiz y Moreno CROQUIS DE Polvoranca Juan Ruiz y Moreno MUNICIPIOS Parla Javier Cabello COMPLETOS Getafe (2 planos) Juan Ruiz y Moreno Carabanchel de Abajo Santiago Moreno MUNICIPIOS JEFE BRIGADA ESCALA CROQUIS DE Leganes--Carabanchel Amores Cayuela 1:10.
Barraquer and Tan (2011) introduce a signaling model in which young scholars do not take the risk of working on new ideas and continue to develop obsolete but highly technical ideas simply to demonstrate their skills to future employers.