Barney Clark

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A dentist and the first recipient of a completely artificial heart, the Jarvik 7; the operation was performed by cardiovascular surgeon William de Vries in Salt Lake City. Clark died of renal failure after having the heart for 112 days; at autopsy, he had pseudomembranous colitis
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They include, among others, Quinlan, Bouvia, Dutch euthanasia, Baby Louise Brown, surrogate motherhood, Baby Jane Doe, Tuskegee, Christiaan Barnard's first heart transplant, Barney Clark's artificial heart, and Baby Fae.
Ben Kingsley as Fagin and Barney Clark as Oliver; ABUSED: Nancy and Twist
Fagin Ben Kingsley Oliver Twist Barney Clark Bill Sykes Jamie Foreman Artful Dodger Harry Eden Nancy Leanne Rowe Mr.
Barney Clark, the first artificial heart recipient, lived 112 days after receiving a Jarvik-7 in 1982.
A competent cast, with especially fine performances from Ben Kingsley, above, and Barney Clark tackle a bare bones version of the Dickens tale.
While Barney Clark's Oliver and Harry Eden's Artful Dodger match past performances, Ben Kingsley's Fagin steals the film.
MORE PLEASE: Barney Clark as Oliver in the classic Dickens scene; PICK A POCKET: Barney's Oliver with Fagin, played by Ben Kingsley
THE STARS: Ben Kingsley, Barney Clark, Jamie Foreman, Harry Eden, Leanne Rowe
It stars 11-year-old Barney Clark as Oliver and Sir Ben Kingsley (or just plain Ben Kingsley, as he appears in the credits) as Fagin
Barney Clark, in 1982, was the first person to receive a Jarvik-7 LVAD.
Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski and screenwriter Ronald Harwood, who previously collaborated on The Pianist, reunite for this bold new retelling of Dickens that's set to make a star of its young hero, played by Barney Clark.