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UK slang referring to a diagnosis that is a ‘no-brainer’ (the American equivalent)
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The only other species collected in the GOM was barndoor skate, which represented 0.0-11.1% of landings per year (mean = 1.6%) (Table 1).
Thorny skate was found in 0.01-3.6% of landings per year (mean = 0.8%), and barndoor skate was found in 0.0-0.2% of landings per year (mean = 0.03%) (Table 2).
In March, two organizations independently petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to designate the barndoor skate as an endangered species.
The barndoor skate's precarious status only came to light when a pair of Canadian biologists published data in the July 31, 1998 SCIENCE showing a precipitous decline in landings of the species.
Even a homemade barndoor tracker will work as a tracking platform (S&T: May 1996, page 32).
Included are a simple barndoor, hand-driven camera mount for star photography, two 4 1/4-inch rich-field reflectors, and 6-, 8-, and 10-inch Dobsonians.
If you don't have a telescope or a drive, then a couple of boards, a hinge, a bolt, and a spare evening are all you need to make a barndoor camera platform for tracking the stars.
A heavy-duty barndoor hinge mounted on top of the crossbeam serves as the Elgin triangle.