Hans K.L., German anatomist, 1798-1873. See: Barkow ligaments.
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But anthropologist Jerome Barkow has pointed out that evolution did not prepare us to distinguish among those members of our community who have a genuine effect on us, and those who exist in the images, movies and songs that suffuse our daily lives.
(146) As Rachel Barkow noted more recently, "While the DOJ can
Or, as Rachel Barkow puts it, "in criminal law, stories, not data, drive the policy analysis." (195) Yet, the overcriminalization literature's foregrounding of anecdotes presents a fascinating tension: on the one hand, most commentators suggest that overcriminalization is a sweeping phenomenon; on the other hand, they identify one-off cases that do not necessarily appear to be representative.
The author would like to thank the following for helpful comments at various stages of the writing process: Carissa Hessick, Michael Mannheimer, Rick Bierschbach, Meghan Ryan, Corinna Barrett Lain, Brendan Plant, Doug Blaze, Steve Clowney, Rachel Barkow, Doug Berman, Richard Frase, Jack Wade Nowlin, Christopher Green, Brenner Fissell, Russell Christopher, Joe Kennedy, Alex Kreit, Michael Cahill, as well as participants at the AALS Mid-year Criminal Justice section meeting in Washington, D.C., the ABA Criminal Justice Fall Institute in Washington, D.C., and the AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.
Byly one najczesciej zlokalizowane w obszarze szyi lub karku (79% badanych), ramion badz barkow (75%), dolnych partii plecow (72%), gornych partii plecow (71%) i nadgarstkow lub dloni (64%).
With the Chicago facility, which was designed by Berlin-based architecture firm Barkow Leibinger, Trumpf is effectively leading by example.
Barkow, Insulating Agencies: Avoiding Capture Through Institutional Design, 89 TEX.
In Germany, only one in 20 payments is processed by credit card, estimates Barkow Consulting.
ZHVs forward gun kept firing and she launched her four remaining torpedoes--in vain--before Korvettenkapitan Klaus Barkow gave the order to set scuttling charges and abandon ship.
Barkow, Justice Sotomayor and Criminal Justice in the Real World, Yale L.J.F.