Ǻke, 20th-century Swedish internist. See: Barkman reflex.
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Luke Monias and Norman Barkman were switched at birth.
Kyle Alkema and Adam Barkman analyze the way the gang perceives happiness and how they try to get it.
Both 17-year-old Katherine Barkman of Richboro, Pennsylvania, and Manu Navarro, a 25-year-old from Panama, said one of their major goals is to catch the eye of ballet companies scouting for new dancers.
Joining SAP is both a strategic and exciting move for us," said Martin Barkman, president and CEO, SmartOps.
But with two of the three protagonists of its romantic triangle under-characterized by the German-Canadian tenor Michael Koenig and the German soprano Gun-Brit Barkman and Malfitano's overall direction lacking focus, the rivetingly intense portrayal of the cuckolded husband by American bass-baritone Alan Held proved insufficient by itself to save Zemlinsky's day.
I don't think murders will become more and more frequent in the near future, but there is nothing that indicates things will improve a bit longer-term," said Tobias Barkman, a crime reporter at regional daily Sydsvenska Dagbladet.
We had a quest to do something not done before," said designer Thomas Ryan Barkman.
May 16-October 31 WANAS 2010: Roxy Paine, Anne Thulin, and "Another Way" with Sofia Backlund, Filippa Barkman, Magnus Dahl, Klas Eriksson, Paul Fagerskiold, Annette Felleson, Virlani Hallberg, Peter Holm, Malin Holmberg, Ingela Ihrman, Jakob Ingemansson, Nils Johansson, Christina Langert, Mikael Lindahl, Eva Mag, Kerstin Palm, Jennifer Rainsford, and Ann-Sofi Siden
Dennis Barkman, a journeyman truck driver with Penner International, has been on the road for 25 years driving all over North America.
Eoe1/4A[yen] This exceeds all expectations," said Carl Barkman, head curator at Bukowski s, which arranged the auction.