Naked Nucleus

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Cytology A nucleus in a cytologic preparation that is virtually devoid of cytoplasm, which is typically seen in cell degeneration. In a pap smear, naked nuclei are non-specific findings and cells may correspond to degenerated endocervical cells, autolysed cells of postmenopausal atrophy, dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, nonkeratinizing cervical cancer, endocervical, endometrial, and metastatic cancer. Naked nuclei are also a soft criterion for diagnosing ovarian endometriosis, which may be mixed with slightly elongated, cytoplasm-poor cells with hyperchromatic nuclei—definitive diagnosis of endometriosis requires the presence of endometrial glands, stroma and haemorrhage
Surgical pathology In a pathology specimen, naked nuclei are typical of undifferentiated/small cell carcinomas of any site—e.g., in small cell carcinoma of lung and elsewhere—and usually have friable—‘taffy-pull’—nuclei and scant or absent cytoplasm
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MOST SKYWATCHERS LOST TRACK OF HALLEY'S COMET RIGHT after it swung through the inner solar system in 1986, and professionals last sighted its bare nucleus receding past the distance of Saturn in 1994.
Once gas and dust in the coma disperse into space, relatively little new material emerges from the comet to replace it, leaving behind a bare nucleus.
All activity will have ceased completely by then - the last traces of the coma will have long dissipated as the bare nucleus goes into hibernation in the deep freeze of the outer solar system.