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Philip, U.S. physiologist, 1898-1945. See: Cannon-Bard theory.


Behaviour, Aims, Room, Dialogue. An acronym referring to the 4 pillars of acting as an effective consultant doctor, which has parallels with theatre (as in “bard”).

Clinical trials
Bard Memotherm Carotid Stent for Carotid Artery Stenosis. A trial which evaluated the safety and efficacy of the Bard Memotherm Stent in treating extracranial carotid artery stenosis in high-risk patients undergoing endarterectomy.
Primary endpoint
1-year MACE (death), any cerebrovascular accident (CVA), acute MI and/or CVA related to stented vessels.
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Along the seashore below the caves, Bard and her collaborators have completed the excavation of an oval platform that had been partially uncovered in the 1970s by Sayed.
Bard wanted to find a way to help the hungry using her ceramic art, and she started researching projects on the Internet.
Drayton wants to conceive Taliesin as a true person with whom he seeks communion and to whom he aspires to be an heir; Drayton would be now as the long-dead bard was then: the chief glorifier of the Britons, the purveyor of continuity.
Under the terms of the agreement, Bard is paying USD140m (EUR108m) for Neomend at closing of the deal and further up to USD25m, contingent on specific revenue milestones through 2016, the buyer said.
Gamesa and BARD gave themselves until March to settle the terms of the agreement.
Bard manufactures medical devices for the vascular, urology and oncology markets.
According to the online edition of the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri, Bard Eker acquired 45% of the share capital of Koenigsegg Automotive for an undisclosed sum.
The Bard College president examined this problem in his 1997 book, Jefferson's Children: Education and the Promise of American Culture (Doubleday).
It might not have a big initial pop to which some optical stuff has been accustomed, but it gives customers who can't get into IPOs a chance to get into it at a reasonable price,'' Bard said.
More well-preserved settlements exist for the Maada culture, but they contain much simpler burials and scant evidence of any social classes or lasting influence on later Egyptian civilization, according to Bard.
Jim joined Bard in 1989 and advanced through the sales and marketing organizations prior to being promoted to President of Bard Access Systems in 2003 and President of Bard Peripheral Vascular in 2007.
Bard still had his junior operator's license at the time of that suspension.