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Alfred E., English physician, 1877-1949. See: Barclay-Baron disease.
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They all agreed that only two voices were to be heard, those of Barclay and of his wife.
Barclay, denied having any knowledge of what it was which had caused the ill-humor in which her companion had returned.
Barclay left the house at half-past seven she was on good terms with her husband.
Barclay turned as white as death, and would have fallen down had the dreadful-looking creature not caught hold of her.
Barclay, who is an old friend of yours, will in all probability be tried for murder.
Barclay, who died the other day, was sergeant in the same company as myself, and the belle of the regiment, ay, and the finest girl that ever had the breath of life between her lips, was Nancy Devoy, the daughter of the color-sergeant.
Well, though I had her heart, her father was set upon her marrying Barclay.
My offer was accepted, and I talked it over with Sergeant Barclay, who was supposed to know the ground better than any other man, and who drew up a route by which I might get through the rebel lines.
Yes; David strayed a little occasionally, you know, and on one occasion in the same direction as Sergeant James Barclay.
These with their master and mistress were the sole occupants of Lachine, for the Barclays had no children, nor was it usual for them to have resident visitors.
BAGL's relatively strong performance helped its shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) rally four per cent on the day of the announcement, in contrast to Barclay Bank Plc's 11 percent slip that same day on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
Review of Images of Dignity: Barry Barclay and Fourth Cinema, by Smart Murray (Huia Press: Wellington, 2008).