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Otto, U.S. ophthalmologist, 1887-1958. See: Barkan membrane, Barkan operation.
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According to ( NASA's website , the formation of the barchan dunes can be determined from their orientation.
The barchan-dune-inspired bionic nonsmooth units (Figure 1) are based on barchan dunes, the simplest and best known type of dunes, which can frequently be found in deserts, beaches, and riverbeds.
Even if they disagree, "both papers are providing convincing evidence that the generation of small dunes in a field is a very important ingredient to explain the structure of barchan corridors," says Eric Parteli of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany.
The Kalahari Sands Hotel is sponsoring accommodation for the visiting legends, while Air Namibia chipped in with a good discount, AVIS Car Rental is sponsoring two mini buses to transport the sports legends, Barchan Dune Retreat is sponsoring a hunt and accommodation for some of the players, Xco Namibia assisted with promotional items The sister companies in the CIH Group of companies will also be part of the day.
The Empty Quarter is the biggest desert in the world, so rolling dunes, the challenging barchan dunes (arc-shaped sand ridges) I know to expect, but am most looking forward to sleeping under the stars in the Empty Quarter."
The award-winning Tunisian singer will regale you with hits including Miziana, Barchan and Khallas Tarak.
But in the literature of the last decade we have not found information about efficacy of the flying barchan (sand-dune) sands of natural sunny heating that are being used in the East during thousand years with medicinal purpose in different diseases.
The study area lies on the south-east edge of the Tengger Desert at Shapotou, north-central China (37[degrees]28'N, 105[degrees]00'E) at an elevation of 1300-1350 m a.s.l., and is characterised by large and concentrated sand dunes in the form of reticulated chains of barchan dunes with natural vegetation cover of <1%.
The sandy dune area consisted of barchan and parabolic dunes with sparse shrubby vegetation in the interdunal area.
34 In geography, a barchan - which can reach 100 feet high and 1,200 feet wide - is a form of what?
Cheekiest winner of the day was the Richard Quinn-ridden St Barchan (5- 1), who took the 11-furlong Royal Navy Claiming Stakes by a cosy length and a quarter under restraint.