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Otto, U.S. ophthalmologist, 1887-1958. See: Barkan membrane, Barkan operation.
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Even if they disagree, "both papers are providing convincing evidence that the generation of small dunes in a field is a very important ingredient to explain the structure of barchan corridors," says Eric Parteli of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany.
The barchan will likely continue on its journey past the city site, which in due course will re-emerge from the sand, but it is anticipated that it will not remain unscathed.
Already in the 90s of the last century (after organization of the clinic of the Termez branch of the Research Institute of Therapy and Medical Rehabilitation) the psammotherapy studies on the steppe barchan sand origin "Etim-Kum" were begun, where a proper ground for sand baths was established (Zunnunov et al.
Their desperate appeal led to a response from Stephen Barchan, aged 26, who has been a rehearsal pianist and musical director for a handful of musicals with groups in the city.
It appears that a change in wind direction has blown the crescent tails from a field of so-called barchan dunes.
and is characterised by large and concentrated sand dunes in the form of reticulated chains of barchan dunes with natural vegetation cover of <1%.
The sandy dune area consisted of barchan and parabolic dunes with sparse shrubby vegetation in the interdunal area.
There remains an issue over cell-phone photographs taken of Rucker's former girlfriend, Joelle Barchan, which allegedly show bruises on her.
34 In geography, a barchan - which can reach 100 feet high and 1,200 feet wide - is a form of what?
Cheekiest winner of the day was the Richard Quinn-ridden St Barchan (5- 1), who took the 11-furlong Royal Navy Claiming Stakes by a cosy length and a quarter under restraint.
The largest sand structures (rhourds, linear dunes or seifs, elbs, and silks) are stable, while barchan dunes may move dozens of meters a year (even hundreds of meters in the sand tongues of Patagonia).