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1. A sharp point projecting in reverse direction to the main point of a weapon or tool, as on an arrow or fishhook.
2. Zoology A small, sharp point projecting in reverse direction from the tip, as on a porcupine quill or a bee sting.
3. Zoology One of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather.
4. Botany A short, sharp, reflexed bristle or hairlike projection.
5. See barbel1.


a combining form used to indicate derivatives of barbituric acid.


1. originally a distinct line of black Australian kelpies, but now the term is generally applied to any black kelpie.
2. a riding horse of great antiquity native to North Africa; bay, brown, chestnut, black, gray and 14 to 15 hands high. The foundation of the andalusian breed.
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Grace and her band "Afro-Kreol"(which now includes her younger sister, Joelle Barbe on drums) have been awarded "Best World Act" four years running now in her home state of Western Australia.
By the fifteenth and sixteenth century the barbes came from the peasantry, mostly illiterate shepherds and agricultural workers.
Fans from around the Arab world made their own versions of the Barbes dance, including parodies, much in the style of Pharrell's global hit single "Happy.
The barbes kept the community together and embodied its ideals.
Representing the more traditional sound of North Africa is Orchestra National De Barbes, soon to be found onstage in London.
In works like Chantier Barbes, Billboard, Paris 1994 (Barbes site, 1994), Huyghe erected billboards picturing workers at the construction sites beneath them, thus superimposing two realities: the actual (the construction in progress) and the recorded (the blown-up image).
Dans le repertoire de la musique algerienne, le groupe a interprete [beaucoup moins que] Sidi Yahia Bnet Paris [beaucoup plus grand que], un tube du groupe franco-algerien Orchestre national de Barbes (ONB) fonde par le compositeur algerien Youcef Boukella.
Lors de cette operation, des provisions, un telephone portable casse, un viseur d'un fusil stayer, une grande quantite de poils de barbes, en plus de pilules contraceptives, des medicaments ainsi que du materiel medical ont ete saisis.
Une serie de plans rapproches; une multitude de visages, cheveux longs et rebelles; barbes revolutionnaires ; la bande son en contre-point joue sur un autre registre.
Les arrivistes qui ralliaient le PND, l'ex-parti de Moubarak, ont retourne leurs vestes, laisse pousser leurs barbes et sont maintenant des cadres du Parti de la Liberte et de la Justice des Freres musulmans.
When leads finally move on to the ghetto of Barbes, an even tougher life awaits them.