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Glenn, 20th-century U.S. orthopedic surgeon. See: Blount-Barber disease.
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A professional who cuts (usually male) hair and shaves or trims facial hair
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While barbers like Paul and others like to innovate, the old traditional barber shop is safe in the hands of a new generation like Alan Kelly from The Regent Barbers in Dublin.
The Waldorf Adare in Dublin's Westmoreland Street is one of the oldest barber shops in the country .
Barber shops are places where time has largely stood still.
A large number of people daily visit barber shops for hair cutting, shaves and beard trimming.
There is a mushroom growth of these barber shops even at roadside in various localities such as Aabpara market, sector G/7, G/8 and G/11.
A senior medical practitioner of Islamabad Dr Amir Abbas said "barber shops in the twin cities have become hubs of germs.
He informed that despite the passage of SOR 504 i.e a law passed by the Federal Government in March 9, 2015 to use all medical devices in any medical field including dental clinics, beauty saloons, barber shops or any other place where skin of the person is touched by instruments should be sterilized and metal used in devices like razor should be registered and get passed by the health authority.
He said that around 20,000 beauty saloons, hundreds of dental clinics and barber shops were being run without any sterilization process and there was no check on them.