Barber Pole Appearance

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Imaging A fanciful descriptor for the angiographic appearance of the ‘supercoiled’ superior mesenteric artery and vein as seen in a patient with midgut malrotation with volvulus
Neonatology A popular term for the gross appearance of an umbilical cord with chronic necrotizing funisitis, which is characterised by alternating light- and dark-colored spiral bands of tissue; the BPA indicates prolonged infection or immune response; it may be seen with acute chorioamnionitis
Outcome Stillbirth, growth retardation, chronic infection—e.g., syphilis
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According to Lee Feinberg, telescope element manager for the Webb telescope at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland: "the light from each segment will interfere with adjacent segments, and if the segments are not aligned to better than a wavelength of light, that interference shows up like barber pole patterns. The analysis of the barber pole patterns tells us how to move the mirrors."